Thursday, March 30, 2006

All sewing, all the time...

It seems like it's been nothing but sewing around here for a while. This *was* a knitting blog you know! But I guess that's what happens when you get a new machine and join a bunch of sew-alongs and then your wrists starts hurting anytime you pick up the needles. So sorry if you were looking for something knitting related. It's not here now... I am kind of sad about that, because I really wanted to finish Clapotis before it becomes too warm to wear it here, but it's not looking good.
So, I did some sewing last night, imagine that! I started working on the blocks for the "BlockSwap" and got six done.

The ones on the bottom were done first, and I like them ok, but the ones on the top kind of just came out of nowhere! I hadn't even sketched ideas for those! This one's my favorite:
Well, I have four or more to do, so we'll see where the machine takes me, but we're getting there! I'm finding that the size 10.5" is a hard one. I'd like to try some different ideas, but the cutting and measuring which would be required is scaring me! I was surprised to see how far my fabric stash is going on this one too, which will be good when I want to put together the other blocks into some kind of a quilt, I'll be able to fill in with some fun stuff!

Oh, by the way, this is my 100th post! How cool is that? The week after my Blogiversary!


Belinda said...

I just discovered your blog, we seem to be following a similar path at the moment. I've just dusted off my sewing machine after years of neglect sitting in my garage. I've tried a few bags so far, my next projects will be a few softies for Easter.

carrie said...

those are so pretty. i'm torn between the upper left hand corner and the bottom middle. so delightful!