Friday, March 24, 2006

Wives and Fathers, Daughters and Sons

One of my favorite period movies ever is Elizabeth Gaskells' "Wives and Daughters". It's just a long lovely movie, with beautiful costumes and of course the beautiful face of Roger Hamley... *sigh*. The book is great too, but I love seeing it come to life in such a faithful rendition. I joined a book club recently and this month we're reading "Fathers and Sons" by Ivan Turgenev. The title of course made me imediently thing of Gaskells book. I'm enjoying it imensley so far, the story line is subtly unfolding and sucking me in. That usually doesn't happen with a lot of classics until about 100 pages into it, but I'm only on about page 25 now! Since it's an older book I thought I'd look online for cheap versions first (before running out to Borders and just buying it). I found a free version online, translated from Russian of course, that had entered into the public domain and so an idea struck me! Why not cut and paste the whole thing into Word and print and bind it myself. So I did just that! It's not the most perfect binding job ever, but it works for me!
Yesterday I came home to a package from the Chicago Public Library that I've been waiting for and I'm so excited! I am entering an exhibit they are having later this year to celebrate 5 years of their "One Book, One City" program. They want submissions for the 10 different books they've done over the years so you had to request the one you wanted and guess what? I get to bind "Pride and Prejudice"!! The top 5 books for each title will be exhibited and there will be monetary prizes for the best of each title as well! I'm just so excited that I get to do Jane Austen. I was planning on binding this book anyway so now I have the chance to have it exhibited! They also sent me a reading copy of it, since I was one of the first to get my entry in, and it's a very nice hardbound copy. I'm not sure if I'm going to rebind that, or do my own, it depends on what I decide to do. It's not due until this summer but I've already started planning what I'm going to do. I'll be sure to share my progress as I go.

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Kristy said...

How fun, Carly. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books of all time. In fact, I have never seen any movie version(s) because I am so certain it will ruin the book for me. Also, I am reading The Age of Innocence online right now. I never even thought of printing out my own copy of binding it. What a great idea! I may have to give it a try.