Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Knitting = Pain

I haven't been knitting very much at all lately, but my right wrist started really hurting last night, so I decided not to pick up the needles, but do some sewing instead. Maybe my "knitting muscles" are just out of shape from the Olympics, I'm not sure, but I knew "working through the pain" wasn't going to help last night. I've been planning and drawing what I want to do for my quilting, and thinking about the block-swap, so I figured I experiment a bit with the machine.

I did a bit of machine embroidery first, which was fun. I'm not super good right now, but a couple things turned out well, so I'm excited to try some more. After that I moved onto practicing quilting with the walking foot and by the end of the night I had this:

You might be able to see little dots where I marked with disappearing ink my stitching lines. I used invisible thread, and I like the look of it, but I'm thinking I might even like to try some white, or off white, for the quilt itself. My original plan before last night was to do a plain brown fabric on the back, with pink thread, so it showed up more and created a nice design, and with invisible thread on top so that it wasn't too busy with the patterns. But now I might do a neutral thread on top and keep the pink on brown for the underside. I guess I'll just have to keep thinking about it some more. For now, I'm pleased with my results for the pillow, and it's motivated me to keep going! Hopefully my wrist will let me get back to some knitting soon too, I have to finish Clapotis!!


Kara said...

Love your fabric. Seeing fab fabric like that makes a girl want to learn how to sew. Great job!

amy said...

that pillow is gorgeous. are some of those amy butler fabrics? i don't sew but own a bunch of her fabric. don't ask ;)

seriously, i am so impressed, i wish i had those skills!

*karen said...

The pillow's beautiful. I'm glad I found your blog through the sew-i-knit-along. Happy stitching!

carrie said...

oh, you are such a talented seamstress! i love the colors and patterns of the pillow.

craftymodster said...

Oh my goodness your pillow is amazing! Lovely, luscious colors to boot. Very inspiring (as is your blog, btw). ;~)