Thursday, March 02, 2006

Unfogging the Future (and my randomness)

No, this isn't Madame Trelawney's Divination Classroom, but thanks to Crazy Aunt Purl's post yesterday on March's Hor-O-Scopes, I now know how to proced through the month of March:

PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20)
While we're on the dance metaphors, I noticed we had a little internal hokey-pokey in Pisces this month. Ya'll are playing mental and emotional hopscotch: One foot left, one foot right, cross your fingers and hope everything works out. But why? Why are you doing this? Sing it with me: It's your birthday! It's your birthday! Go Pisces! Go Pisces! You have to take the lead this month, both pragmatically and romantically. I can't imagine you stalking your goals zealously, but I can envision you with treats in your pocket to attract some puppy love. I don't mind if you use stealthy and secretive ways to get what you want, as long as you finally start closing in on the prize. Life is short, nights are long, take a chance. Put your right foot in and shake it all around, that's what it's all about.

Thanks, I think I'll do just that! Funny how that relates dirrectly to what I was just thinking and feeling. I've been feeling more introspective lately, and this weekend I took a personality test that interestingly was spot on. It was a Meyer-Brigg's Type Test and I was dubbed an ENFJ, a "Teacher" or "Giver". Very interesting. It's fun reading something by someone who doesn't know you at all, let alone know of your existence, and having it be a perfect match, and after just a short little test (well if about 75 short questions is short). I'm interested in finding out more now. I think it's made me more aware of how my personality affects my interaction with others and the decisions I make everyday. I think self-awareness is important and I need to make an effort in pursuing it more.

Other Randomness:

This is a picture I took using the Macros button on my camera of the beautiful glass vase and flower my sister gave me for my birthday. It's actually a set and it matches my room perfectly.

I just found out about this great quilt block swap today. Hopefully I'll be able to join. I think it sounds like such a fun idea. Not only will we be helping make a quilt (or multiple quilts) for charity, but we'll also get 9 blocks from different people too, so we can create our own! And the colors are so pretty too! I'm excited to try out some of my new ideas from the last post.

I'll leave you with a fun little meme that Bronxie is passing on to anyone with an iPod:
Open up your MP 3 player, set it to “shuffle”/random play, and list the first 10 songs that come up. No matter what they are. Ready?
  1. I Woke Up In A Car - Something Corporate
  2. Meet You There - Simple Plan
  3. Cure for the Itch - Linkin Park
  4. Distance - Evan & Jaron
  5. This Will Be My Year - Semisonic
  6. Simonize - Pete Yorn
  7. Dry Country Girl - Rascal Flats
  8. I Want to Save You - Something Corporate (LOVE this one!)
  9. 3 AM - Matchbox Twenty
  10. Backyard - Guster

Well, there you have it! I just added a bunch of music (around 700 songs) to my iPod this week, so there's some new and old stuff on there. I used to be able to fit everything on my iTunes on my iPod, but now I have to be picky... I'm up to around 1,700 songs on iTunes and I think I can fit about 900-950 on my iPod. I'll also pass this on to anyone with an iPod!

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bonnie said...

love your blog! welcome to the Ewe-Tah Knits! webring! where in utah do you live? i have a bookbinding question...thanks!