Monday, August 22, 2005

Insert witty title here...

So not much new. Went the the ReAL Salt Lake soccer game on Sat. with Lizzie and Michael which was fun, but unfortunately we lost. We hung out all weekend, eating a lot and just having fun with Emi (the puppy). Good times.

I've been working on the Minisweater, which seems to be taking forever. I've tried it on once and it wasn't even close to moving on, but I'm hoping I'll be able to finish it soon. This week is going to be a little crazy though, so we'll see.

Here is the progress as of a few days ago. I don't think it's really changed all that much, just a few more rows of the same old, same old. I can't wait till it's done!

I took some picture of the bottle cap books I finished this weekend too, so I'll have to post them when I upload them. They turned out pretty good and when I went to turn them in there was a workshop going on and one of the guys there wants to buy one from me! How cool, my first sale of a real artist book! I'm so excited! Good thing I did an edition of 50!

Monday, August 15, 2005


Well, this was a fun weekend. I got a new hair cut, and I also finished knitting the One Skien Wonder. Here's a picture of both!

My hair is a lighter blonde (although not as light as I would have liked) and I have bangs!

Here's the back of both too.

The OSW is a little tight, but it's already stretched, so I think I'm good.

I finally got the picture uploaded of the Martha Stewart cake I made last weekend for my Shade Party. I think it turned out really cute! It was very yummy too!

Here's the recipe, but I cheated just a bit. The "flowers" are made from dried pineapple slices. So cute!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Not much new...

Well, there's nothing really going on right now except that I'm back to a normal schedule and love it. I went and played volleyball last night with a bunch of people up at the church. It was pretty fun but started getting too competitive for my taste. I've been helping my roommate who ruptured her Achilles to get around and helped her put together a rolling computer chair so she can get around the kitchen easier.

I've also been knitting, I'm about to start on the sleeves of the OSW, but I need to get a larger size 8 circular needle. I think I've been using 9 1/2US on the body with Cascade 220. Hopefully I'll be able to finish a sleeve tonight. I'm still not the fastest knitter. Especially because lately my wrists have been bothering me.

Last night I bought the cutest movie! It's an Irish/Scottish movie called "Dear Frankie" about this single Mom that writes letter to her son from his Dad. It was so sweet and just a really good clean film. I'm glad I bought it. I'm going to let Lizanne borrow it since she is the one who reminded me of it...

Oh, I'm also working on a journal for my friend and am going to start something for my other friends wedding. I'm going to start devoting a lot more time to my business. I was thinking it might be a good idea to set up a booth at Bridal Fairs if I can get some examples made up or something. Also I'm thinking of changing the name from Violet Book Bindery, but I don't know to what. I don't know why I'm unhappy with it, but I want something that will appeal to a wide range of people and I'm not sure that what I have now, will.

Well, I guess that's all for today. I'll be sure to update if anything exciting happens to me. The likelihood of that is slim to none and I'm glad for a change.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Time flies where you're.... busy?

Wow, this week has been going fast, yet slow. I can't believe it was only last week that my internship ended. Sad to think I may never get to go back and work there. Must not think of that. It was a wonderful experience anyway, even if I never do.

This week my Letterpress class ended too. I'm still putting the finishing touches on my final project. They are tiny accordion books inside a bottlecap, I'll post a picture of one when I'm done. I'm pretty happy about how they turned out, they've just taken a lot longer than planned (re-printing entire project is never fun), plus an edition of 50 is no small task. I guess I'll just leave with an update of the projects I've got going on.

*One skein Wonder - almost done with the body and getting ready to do the sleeves.
*Booga Bag - just needs to be felted, but somehow our washer has mysteriously wandered off (is it a bad sign that I didn't know it was broken or gone?) Will have to go to sisters...
*Frogged the Sophie Bag - was looking too big, so unwound and will start over. I think I had increased it but now that I'm starting on the bottom again, I'm not sure... Also not sure if will do it double stranded still.
*Waiting to start the Minisweater from Glampyre. Need to choose yarn, perhaps will use hand dyed.

*Will start mock-up of Regency day-dress. May be making up own pattern (1st time!), but loosely following instructions from I already have some great fabric from Jo-Ann's that looks period appropriate. Also coveting Sari material from They'd make such a beautiful dress.
*More purses are always planned. Lizanne wants a doggy carrier.

*Making a journal for old roommate, Christi.

On top of everything I'm having a Shade Clothing party tomorrow. Gotta get cleaning!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

All the World is a Stage

Well, we're back from our trip to Cedar City Utah for the Shakespearean Festival. It was such a wonderful trip! Four plays in two days is just too much fun! Here are some highlights from the trip.

On the Backstage Tour we got a look into the Wig and Makeup room.

The Costume Shop had a mock-up of one of the dresses from "Love's Labor's Lost".

"This is the Adams Memorial Theater, an outdoor theater like the Globe. We saw "Love's Labor's Lost" here. It had beautiful scenery. "Dr. Faustus" was also on this stage, but unfortunately we missed it.

Mom posing outside the Randall Jones Theatre with a statue from "King Lear".

The theater had a beautiful round atrium that mimicked the Globe and Adams theater.

We spotted the two actors, Brian Vaughn and David Ivers, who were in "Stones in His Pockets" having an interview. We also saw them in "Camelot" (Vaughn as Arthur) and "Love's Labor's Lost" (Ivers as Berone).

I think my favorite play was "A Mid Summer Night's Dream", but of course I know that the best, since I played Starveling the Tailor, but they did it in a "Regency-esque" setting, and it was just hilarious! I think Mom enjoyed this the most too.

We also had fun laughing about how much the actors spit while delivering their monologues. Is there at term for this? Mom would REALLY like to know...

On our way back on Sunday, before taking Mom to the airport, we stopped and had dinner with Lizzie, Stuart and Emi (the puppy). This was the first time Mom has seen her Grand, ummm, dog. We had fun playing with her.

Here's mom, holding a sleeping Emi in her new be-jeweled collar. She was going crazy earlier. Stuart had her racing around the living room after her blue bear.

Stuart, Mom, Emi and Lizanne on the couch for a group photo before we had to leave.

The "Girls" posing for a picture. I look horrible, but then I'd just driven 5 hours in a hot car!

Thanks Mom. I had such a fun weekend and I hope you did too!!