Friday, August 05, 2005

Time flies where you're.... busy?

Wow, this week has been going fast, yet slow. I can't believe it was only last week that my internship ended. Sad to think I may never get to go back and work there. Must not think of that. It was a wonderful experience anyway, even if I never do.

This week my Letterpress class ended too. I'm still putting the finishing touches on my final project. They are tiny accordion books inside a bottlecap, I'll post a picture of one when I'm done. I'm pretty happy about how they turned out, they've just taken a lot longer than planned (re-printing entire project is never fun), plus an edition of 50 is no small task. I guess I'll just leave with an update of the projects I've got going on.

*One skein Wonder - almost done with the body and getting ready to do the sleeves.
*Booga Bag - just needs to be felted, but somehow our washer has mysteriously wandered off (is it a bad sign that I didn't know it was broken or gone?) Will have to go to sisters...
*Frogged the Sophie Bag - was looking too big, so unwound and will start over. I think I had increased it but now that I'm starting on the bottom again, I'm not sure... Also not sure if will do it double stranded still.
*Waiting to start the Minisweater from Glampyre. Need to choose yarn, perhaps will use hand dyed.

*Will start mock-up of Regency day-dress. May be making up own pattern (1st time!), but loosely following instructions from I already have some great fabric from Jo-Ann's that looks period appropriate. Also coveting Sari material from They'd make such a beautiful dress.
*More purses are always planned. Lizanne wants a doggy carrier.

*Making a journal for old roommate, Christi.

On top of everything I'm having a Shade Clothing party tomorrow. Gotta get cleaning!

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