Monday, May 16, 2005

Kool-Aide Rocks!

So I had some craft-tacular fun with Kool-Aide this weekend. I finally got around to dying the yarn I bought and it was so much fun! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and I really like how my yarn turned out. I experimented with a lot of flavors. The first skien I did was lemonade and pink lemonade, so it made this really pretty yellow/pink pastel yarn. Next I did 4 reds together and just kind of mixed 'em around all over the yarn for a more mottled look, then I did grape and black cherry which didn't turn out as dark as I would have liked (maybe not enought kool-aide to yarn ratio?) but is still a pretty purple/red color. Then my other favorite was blue varigated with new cool apple, blue raspberry lemonade and changin' cherry. It's a really cool teal/light green/bluish varigated. I can't wait to knit 'em up and see how they look! I think I'll use them make some purses and felt them.

I also am almost finished with the Paris Loop. I decided I needed to get this finished before I could work on the booga and sophie bags, the yarn was calling to me... so hopefully I can finish it tonight.

And now for....
Quick movie review time!!!
I saw "Fever Pitch" this weekend, starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Falon. I can't decide if it was better or worse than I was expecting. It was cute and all, but there were some parts that seemed to drag. But all in all, I'd give it 3 stars. Maybe more of a dollar movie for most people, but fun nonetheless.

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