Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I Knit!

So I finally had some time last night to knit and I got the Paris loop on the needles. I only have about an inch and a half, but I can tell I'm going to LOVE it! I ended up getting some gorgeous varigated yarn in sherbert colors and it's going to be so summery! Can't wait. I have also had time to work on the felted purse for my mom. I hope it will be big enough, becuase I've read that the item will shrink 30%, but I'm already making it bigger than it calls for, so I think it'll be good.


I also finally got some pictures of the Springback taken! They aren't the best, but when I get it back after the exhibit, I'll take some better ones. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It toally springs open. When I turned it in for the exhibit, they were all really impressed that I tackled such an advanced binding and that it works! They want me to join the Guild of Bookworkers so I'm going to really consider it.


I also have plans to make a purse like this one. Crafster and Glitter are my two new favorite sites. I've signed up to do a CD and a postcard swap and can't wait since they'll be my first. I've already started puting the play list together for the CD swap. I'll post it here after I send it! :)

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