Thursday, January 12, 2006

Turning Japanese

I think I'm turning Japanese. Or at least becoming slightly obsessed... Lately I've discovered the wonderful world of Japanese crafting. I've never seen such creativity! Maybe I'm a little slow to hop on the bandwagon, but I'm ready to ride this thing... I'm really intrigued by their felt creations, purses and bags, and crochet patterns.
Some fun and helpful sites for finding Japanese craft books:
EBay: Great store
Crafting Japanese
Buzzville's collection of books (with ISBN #'s)

The one's I really want myself:
ISBN 4277171818

Such beautiful patterns, I've never been more motivated to try crochet...

ISBN 4893968491

Lots of fun and different patterns plus some super cute bags.


So elegant and different! Every bag in here is a masterpiece!

Wow, if I could ever be so crafty...

I keep finding all kinds of things to inspire my creativity, and have a million projects I want to do. On my list of new projects to try out:

I am absolutely in *love* with Amy Butler's new line of quilting fabric, "Charm". All the colors are great, but I'm thinking a quilt in these would be lovely:

And I found a store near me that's having a fat quarter sale! Yay! Her quilt design is great too, I might use that (although not with so many different colors/patterns, but highlighting my favorites) or, do something like Yarnstorm's New York Quilt. I like really simple designs, plus I think it will be better for a beginner like me.

Machine Embroidery-
More inspiration from Yarnstorm. I want to try some new things out with my machine and I just love the whimsical, patch-like-quality of her designs. We'll see if machine embroidery is even possible on my machine, but I might be able to do some line drawings with decorative stitches or something like that if nothing else...

Clapotis is coming along, I have four or five repeats in the main body done, just need to keeping working on it. I didn't work on it last night, but I'll explain why in a bit. I haven't picked the socks back up yet. Those small needles can be intimidating! Sometimes while I was knitting I felt like I was going to break them in half! Bamboo are pretty flexible anyway, but seriously I don't know if I was knitting too tight or what, but they just felt so delicate.

Yesterday I spent almost an hour standing out in the pouring rain (luckily I had an umbrella, but no socks and jeans is a recipe for frozen feet, let me tell you) so I didn't feel like doing much when I finally made it home (after having to walk five blocks in what had turned into falling "slush"). Note to self: next time, plan out late night bus trip home better, or wear some different shoes.


Bonnie said...

I don't know if you know but the fabrics on that quilt are Amy Butler fabrics that you can get at the Material Girls website.

It is even prettier in person!

Angela said...

Ooooh, where did you find the pattern for the Amy Butler quilt? I quickly browsed through her site and couldn't find it. Love selection of fabrics you brought home, too! I wish a store near me would have a sale like that.