Friday, January 13, 2006

"Cotton" Candy

I was so excited about the prospects of starting my first quilt that I had to run out last night and get fabric! It was on sale, so even more incentive to go quickly. Everything I got is Amy Butler, but I'm hoping to find some more small print to add in with it, since I'm thinking twin-size and they didn't have many fat quarters cut already, plus they only had one left of the brown/pink dot fabric. I really don't think I'll mind going back to spend another hour browsing for fabric.

Now that I look at the site, most of these are from the "Marmalade" color scheme, and from the new fall pallet. But I think they all mix well. It was a super tough decision trying to pick from all the colors, but I wanted to stick to a simple color scheme, since these are pretty busy prints to begin with. So there are about 4 colors: pink, green, orange/coral and brown.
The next question is what kind of design. There was a pattern done in the fall pallet there that I'm finding I like more and more, so I may have to get that as well. My sister has offered to teach me what she knows and since I just taught her how to knit, I find it's fitting that we're exploring each others "craft".
I also set my machine all up last night for the first time. Well, first I had to clean and organize the craft room. I got about half done but the machine was calling my name. Saying things like, "What if I don't work and you have to take me back? You should just check to make sure." Well instead of even getting to check with a swatch or something, I just set everything up and read through the user manual (a little bed-time reading - am I a dork or what?). Boy am I excited! So many stitches I don't know what I'm going to do with them all! Plus the feet! There are so many! And did you know you can sew a button on with a machine? I think I learned more last night about sewing than I ever have in the years I've been doing it. Of course my past sewing experiences have been following patterns, which, although complicated, were pretty straight forward. There hasn't been a lot of room for experimenting with a machine in the past. Plus, I haven't had all those fancy stitches either. Ooh, my other new favorite thing, the twin needle, so you can do a double stitch in one step! That's going to be great for bags! How come I never knew about these things before? Now I just wish I had Monday off too, so I could spend all day sewing...


lindiepindie said...

You are NOT a dork! I had my sewing machine for about 7 years when I picked up the manual just to browse. I couldn't put it down - there I was, sacrificing sleep to see all the neat things my machine could do. Your new fabrics are beautiful. I'm sure your quilt will be the same.

Amanda said...

I love your fabric! I haven't finished a quilt in so long, and seeing your fat quarters is making me get the itch for it. Can't wait to see your first square!