Monday, January 23, 2006

Good Intentions

Well, I had dreams of finishing my quilt, of working on Clapotis, of binding a graph paper book for myself, of finishing something this weekend and feeling somewhat productive. None of that happened. I had a productive social life, but not a lot of productivity otherwise.

Around Sunday night (after a nice nap) I started panicking. I wanted to finish something this weekend! Have something to show from my time off from work. I picked up the Anthorpologie capelet I had set down last month. Now there was a reason I stopped working on it, I messed up somehow, and then didn't feel like working on it for a while. But at this point I've forgotten what exactly that mistake was. So instead I just picked up where I left off and worked to the part of splitting the sleeves. I put it all on scrap yarn, and found that although it meets under my arms, the sleeves are going to be *really* "loose". I don't know why, maybe there's something about raglan increases that I forgot while working this patter pretty much from memory/scratch.
This got me discouraged again and now I don't know if I should rip it out and make something else (do I really need another shrug? really?) or just keep going in the hopes that everything will work itself out? It might be cute, but will I wear it? Will it be worth it? The cream yarn I'm using might just be cuter as a hat and scarf set.

I realized this weekend as I was getting ready to go up to Park City to hang out at the Sundance Film Festival*, that I could really use a cute cream hat. And also, that although I've made quite a few hats and scarves, I don't have one matching set! So maybe it's time to rip-it and start a-new. I'm thinking a cute cabled hat (having trouble re-locating the pattern I have at home) with a pom-pom on top, and an Irish Hiking scarf... Or maybe the cabled news-boy hat that I see everyone doing. I've always wanted a news-boy cap.

I did manage to squeeze in a few rows on Clapotis on Friday while watching "Mad Hot Ballroom" (such a great movie!) with some friends, and I also am over half done on a curly crochet scarf in some purple mohair I've had in my small stash for more than two years. It's good to finally have a project to use it in. So there was some productivity this weekend, even if it's impossible to tell with the naked eye.

This week I'm starting a knitting group with a bunch of girls from my church. I'll probably spend more time teaching people how to knit, than actually being able to knit myself, but it's all good. I love teaching people to knit. I taught my roomie last night how to purl and now she's making a hat to match her scarf. This trend is catching on!

*By the way, Park City was fun, although we didn't get a chance to venture into Main Street, we caught a concert at the Park City Resort. G-Love and the Special Sauce were playing. It was freezing, but fun. Hopefully I'll get to catch a movie sometime this week with my friend, and get up to main street next weekend to go "Star Gazing".

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bee said...

Way to be on your quilt, it's looking great. I love the fabric combinations you chose. I'm also working on my first quilt and I'm having a hard time staying motivated so it's fun to watch someone else's progress. All was going great until I had to quilt it.