Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sew Lovely

I've been sewing for much longer than I've been knitting. My mother is an excellent seamstress and so in High School I got fairly interested in it, and even helped (helped being the key word there) make one of my prom dresses, a beautiful "Audrey Hepburn" type dress, very elegant. After that I think I made some popcorn heat packs and maybe a skirt or something, but with college, things got busy and I lost interest.

After college, I started knitting, and got back into sewing again, but this time it was costumes and dresses. I wouldn't call myself an expert, that's my mom. I usually had her around to help me put in a zipper, or fix a problem seam or what not. When I moved back down to Utah, she gave me her old machine and I started doing more. I tried some bigger projects like a Regency gown, and my pirate costume and I also did some quick and easy projects, like purses, bags and skirts. I learned a lot from the big project (turned disaster) that was the Regency gown, like it's a good idea to make a mock-up before using your nice expensive fabric to make sure it actually fits, but really I think I learned to trust my sewing skills after that project. It had some more advanced techniques. I even got so adventurous that I made a messenger bag from scratch which I'm quite proud of.

Now, with my new machine, I think it's becoming an addiction. Discovering new crafts, like quilting is aiding this addiction, which is understandable since it's just "one more little seam" which suddenly turns into a huge piece of fabric. It's like a bag of chips, you can't eat (or in this case, sew) just one chip (seam).

And so, when I heard about the new Sew-Along for Knitters "Sew? I Knit!" I said, what the heck? I'm a sewer and a knitter!

I do have a lot on my plate already (what with the Knitting Olympics and all), but I have until March 20th! That's plenty of time, for me, the master sewer, to make a skirt! And once again, it may be the kick in the pants I need to actually do it. I've had some suiting and lightweight denim fabric in my stash for forever waiting to be made into a skirt, I even have the patterns already, just waiting for me to cut them out. Or there's also the jersey fabric and asymmetrical hem skirt pattern I was planning (are those still in style?). I have options people, and I'm going to use this as an excuse to exercise some of them! It's going to be fun! It's going to be fast! It's going to be easy. Or at least that's what I say now. I'd like to do something new, like make up my own pattern or something cool like that, but really, who am I kidding? I'll just stick to what I have already and maybe it'll actually get done. Come join if you want!

All this talk of sewing reminds me that I still need to make a Duct Tape Dummy, which of course comes in handy for knitting too. I am going to get around to doing this one of these days. My sister wants one too, so we'll have to have a taping party! Then I can start draping my own patterns! Wouldn't that be exciting.

Well, progress on the quilt: I was able to finish the top last night! I put the large border on and then of course had to make up a little pillow to match with the left over fabric, since it's going to be big enough to put on my bed. I'm already envisioning decor changes for my room. I just love pink, brown and green together! I'll post pictures of them either when my computer stops acting up or when I actually get them put together.

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