Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Post-Christmas Report

I've had a happy holiday so far, I hope everyone else has too! The Christmas Knitting was finished and just in time! I finished the last hat the day of, here's a picture of all but one of the knitted things I made.

A neck warmer for my dad, and hats for all my brothers.

michael's hat christian's hat
nate's hat neck warmer

Here they all are modled by moi. The last hat was made with the same yarn in opposite colors from the one with the small ribbed border. I used this tutorial, knit in the round with size US 8 needles and used Lion Brand Worsted weight Wool Ease. The neck gaiter my Dad asked for was knit flat and seamed. I used double stranded TLC Amore on size US 10.5 needles using my own pattern. They all fit and were a big hit with everyone!

For my mother and sisters I made these sweater bags using this tutorial and since they all sew or quilt I also made them each a pin cushion from a tutorial as well.

sweater bag sweater bag
sweater bag pin cushions

I made ribbon candy ornaments for my grandparents and all my Aunts, and here's a picture of all the gifts wrapped up, which I think is half the fun of giving gifts. Whew! Lots to share.

ribbon candy presents!

And guess what? The best part is what I got for Christmas! A new sewing machine!

I can't wait to use it, I've opened it, but haven't had a chance to try it out. This is something I really needed... I also got an awesome paper cutter from the oh, so sweet, boyfriend, which will be perfect for my bookbinding, and two new watches. And! My sister is super crafty too and made me this *gorgeous* purse! I absolutely love it, and the little bird is sooo me! I've been using it to carry all my stuff around, because it fits the contents of my purse, plus my knitting! Horray!

And now onto the post-holiday knitting! Which of course is for me, since I'm a pretty selfish knitter, except around holidays/birthdays...

I've started two new projects, Clapotis...

I'm already to the straight section. I'm making it a little smaller than the pattern, more of a scarf than a wrap or shawl, since I don't like too bulky, but the yarn is knitting up beautifully.

And here are the socks I've started too. In some great self-striping yarn. I'm worried they are going to be too big, but I'm knitting them for the practice. I can't wait to move onto the magic-loop method. I think I'll like it much more, but I'll try it the "traditional" way first...


carrie said...

wow -- i'm so impressed with your craftiness! your christmas knits look great, and the sweater purses are adorable. where is the tutorial? Such lucky relatives.

i have an aging sewing machine and nowhere really to use it, so i'm very, very jealous.

Amanda said...

Wow! You have been busy! I love the colors in your mini-clap - can't wait to see the finished product. Looks like that yarn would wok equally well for My So Called Scarf.

I *love* the sweater bags. Can you email me the link to the tutorial? I couldn't get the link to work from your post. It looks like maybe you felted sweaters and then cute them up to make the purses? Neat!

Bonine said...

Already to the straight section of your Clapotis.....honey, your needles must be on fire!!!!