Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Avast me Hearties, it's Halloween picture time!

The party was a sucess and Halloween fun was had by all. Here's some photo recaps of the weekend. Unfortunately I didn't think to take pictures of the decorations or the food table, but that's never as much fun to photograph as people right?

Group shot: Elvis (Tandy), Pirate Wench (Carly), Princess Kelly, Miss America (John), Black Widdow (Sue), Hobo (Shannon), Masqcarde Lady (Kaydi), Cowgirl (Krystal), Jazz Player (Brian), in the front: Denver Nuggets Player (Katie), Pirate (Julie).

Where did Elvis pick up this pirate? (Carly and Tandy)

My roommate Brit in another dress I made three years ago, another group shot, Halloween games in action, and the Jazz and Nuggets facing off.

On Monday night we went down to my sister's party in Provo. She made some amazing food and we watched the Simpsons Tree House of Horor. The candy was plentiful and so were the trick-or-treaters. It was a blast!

Here we are with the Nun-Chucks, Christian and Mary, they won their costume contest! Tandy came as a Swiss Backpacker, again with the Pirate Wench.

Emi was supposed to be a Moose, but she didn't like the antlers.

Kirsten & her "dead husband", Aaron, Mary & a pooped Emi (too much Halloween fun),
Emi, looking cute and Derek, Becky and Little Andy

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