Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I blame Jane!

It feel like it's been a while since posting. Sorry about that. I finally got all the photos I'd wanted up in my last post so check it out.

First general news: I got to go to an advance screening of Pride & Prejudice last night! It was a lot of fun, my old roommie Ahslee came with and I was so worried about not getting tickets and seats and all that I arrived early to wait in line. Well, turns out I was the line, so guess who had first pick of seats! It eventually did sell out and I felt it was worth it to get there early. I'm not going to go into a huge review of it. I'll just say despite the things I hated, I really liked it. It's not as good as the A&E version (who can compare to Coliln Firth?) but the kept all the essential plot elements, and in a two hour movie! I was impressed. That said it did jump around a lot, and if you've never seen or read it before (who could that be?) you might feel a little confused. The costuming was attrocious! The hair was HORRID! And I just can't understand why they made the Bennetts look so shabby, but other than that (oh, and Kiera's pouty mouth) I enjoyed it. It was funny and had beautiful music. So go see, especially if you're a Jane fan, you may not love it, but I felt it was still worth my two hours (and more waiting in line).

In knitting news:
I have about 5 inches on my Phildar sweater, I'll take a photo soon. My guage wasn't working plus I didn't like how tight it knit up, so I'm making some mods. Or maybe just using the pattern loosely... Well either way, it's a little different. I also started a Harry Potter scarf becuase I got tickets for next Friday!!! I can't wait!

More updates to come!

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