Monday, November 28, 2005

Four Days and no FO's

What a great holiday weekend! I had four wonderful days off from work, where I did basically nothing, but managed to squeeze quite a bit of knitting in. Not that I have anything to show for it. Only one real finished object and about three new projects started, with of course more in the works.

I spent Thanksgiving in Brigham City, UT with my Grandparents, brothers and sisters, Tandy and a few cousins thrown into the mix. And of course cutie-pie Emi. Check out the *sweet* airborne shot I got of Emi outside.

I made three really good pumpkin pies (if I do say so myself!), one which I'm still finishing off. I love Thanksgiving, the food is always sooo good! And it's a blast to spend time with the fam.

This is an arrangement I bought at our ward Service Auction a week ago. I thought the colors were perfect for this time of year. I really need to take a flower arranging class, I love how "Martha Stewart" this looks!

While at my Grandparents I started the Dayflower Lace Scarf, got through two repeats, lost my place, made some mistakes and so had the first frogging party of the holiday season. Next time I start this I'm going to use some wool from my stash because this will need lots of blocking.

On Friday I did just a little yarn shopping (not at a real yarn store, I don't trust myself) and got yarn to start the Anthropology Winter Capelet thing, and some deep red yarn to make a cardigan or scoop neck sweater out of. So I knit up my gauge swatch for the Winter Shrug (what is it anyway?) and finally cast on for it on Sat. The thing is, I was winging it without the pattern Julsey came up with, so it's going to be a little different. Had to frog it once already (2nd frogging party) because I'd placed my markers all wrong, which unfortunately, I didn't notice at first. Whew, making things up can be so confusing sometimes! So after a bumpy start it's finally progressing smoothly and will hopefully be complete in time for the work Holiday Party on the 8th.

On Sunday I decided that I need some slippers, now! And so since I hadn't started the little slipper pattern for real I decided it would be perfect, but I decided to wing this as well. After some stash digging I found some chunky green T&Q left over from something-or-other and decided that I'd just see what I came up with. Well, it's not quite right, but I finished one (the only thing that got finished this weekend). It's a little too small. I think I need to cast on maybe two stitches more and go a row or two longer. At least for this yarn. I might decide to finish the other one, they'd be very comfy, since it's really chunky yarn, but I might start another pair in a worsted weight yarn, who knows?

No progress on Tendances. Everybody else is stalling until after the holidays too, so I'm not feeling any pressure. Is this good or bad? I'm determined to finish my first sweater though!

So we drew names for Christmas presents and I got my sister-in-law, for whom I just finished a hat. So I'm deciding if I want to knit her something or do something else. Either way, I'm not going to tell. It's gotta be a surprise! But I think I'll be able to get some kind of Christmas knitting in, we'll just have to see what that is. I'm thinking a couple hats, and maybe some fingerless gloves/gauntlets but I'm not saying for who!

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