Friday, July 15, 2005

Horray for Harry!

Tonight is the night... Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is finally here! I'm going to stay up all night reading. My roommates think I'm crazy, I made two t-shirts yesterday so I can wear one tonight. I got it from this great site: Sherbet-Lemon. Check it out, they have some fun wallpapers and sutff, all Harry of course! :) This is the one I'm wearing, I ironed it onto an apple green tee:

Maurauders Back
Front and Back images

My swap partner got the bag and bracelet I sent last week. I think it turned out pretty good and she said she really likes it.

I also bought the pattern for the One Skein Wonder today.

Couldn't resist as I love shrugs and have a stash I need to clean out! I've been working on Mom's Booga bag but it's so boring just knitting in the round eternally! I think I need this as a quick fix to get me back on track. I only have a few inches to go on the bag though and then the icord:

I also finally got a pic of the finished Paris Loop:

Wow, lots of pics and lots of updates. I guess that's all that's new for now. Oh, Mickie is coming down for the weekend so it'll be cool to hang out with him. Well, I'm off to prepare for the party tonight! By the next time I post I'll hopefully be done reading!

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