Thursday, April 21, 2005

I Love a New Project

I love starting new knitting projects, which is probably one reason I usually have about 4 going at once, I can't wait to finish one to start another. I found some super cute free patterns online that I'm going to start ASAP. I've been looking for a while for a cute felted bag pattern and I just so happened to find one that I LOVE. I took it into the great little knitting shop up the street for me (so bad, I know) to see what fun yarn I could use and they actually had a sample of the purse all knit up. It looked a little smaller than it does here in the picture so I'm going to double the strand and use a little bit bigger needle, if that's possible. So we'll have to see how that turns out. I got two great shades of purple to varigate it. Purple is my favorite color and although I already have two purple purses, I don't have a knit one! :)

Felted Bag

The other pattern I'm really excited for is the Paris Loop. It's kind of a poncho but shorter and I think more "spring-y". The bad news at first was that the yarn used in it is discontinued and looking for a substitute that is fun and springy, yet relatively inexpensive was next to impossible. I finally found a yarn at JoAnn Fabric of all places. I actually looks a lot like yarn I used for a scarf a couple of years ago that I love, I'm just worried it's going to be too fuzzy. I also am having trouble locating a 16" circular size 17 needle!!! But I think all the trouble with be worth it. It's a very simple pattern and I think it will go very fast, which is great for my short "project attention span". :)

Paris Loop

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