Friday, February 10, 2006

Needed Distractions

Last night I just couldn't take the anticipation of casting on my Hipster sweater so in an effort to distract myself, I went through my stash of fabric and patterns to pick out what I want to do for the Sew? I Knit! sew-along. I've narrowed it down to two patterns and will probably do both at some point anyway so it doesn't really matter which I do first. So my choices are Simplicity 5503 in dark med. weight denim (one of the bottom views):
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or New Look 6149 in a light weight khaki twill:
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I'm excited about both, but I'll probably end up doing the denim one because I'm not sure I have *quite* enough fabric for the New Look one. I can't remember what pattern I had in mind when I bought the light khaki fabric.

I also started working on a future knitting bag that I can't wait to finish. For now it's going to be a secret, but I'll tell you it involves embroidery and my blog! I think I'm going to finish that today at lunch and start on the sweater tonight while watching the opening ceremonies. I was going to start the sweater at lunch, but that's still an hour earlier than the "2pm your time" thing Stephanie put up on her blog. Plus, as much as people might think the opposite, I really hate starting a project without *trying* to finish the one I'm currently working on. But after tonight it's nothing but Sweater knitting until the 26th! Wish me luck!

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