Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Gold is in reach

So I've made some progress on the body of the sweater. Wow, just plain knitting takes forever! It's hard to tell how much you've done. I have just two more inches until I can start the ribbing. I think I'm going to do about 3 inches of ribbing for a wider waist band. So I believe I'm a little past half done, which is good because the clock is ticking - literally - there's a countdown clock going on over at the Yarn Harlot that makes me nervous every time I look at it. But I think I'm going to make it! I think I'm going to be forced to buy a pair of size 7's or 6's though, I thought I had some, but after searching and searching they are no where to be found. They must have been in my imagination. But I'm not too happy with the neckband ribbing so I'm going to try a smaller needle size for the bottom ribbing, see how it goes and re-knit the neck band if needed.

I finally used a gift certificate to Overstock.com I got for Christmas. I ordered some sewing books. I debated whether to get knitting or sewing books, or even a magazine subscription. In the end decided to go with what looks like a really great sewing book, "The Complete Book of Sewing" and a quilting book, "The Ultimate Quilting Book". The sewing book looks great because it has photos of so many different techniques, plus a lot of the reviews said it was a really great book for both experienced and non-experienced sewers. I think it will be a great reference. I'm excited about the quilt book because half of the book is dedicated to the history of quilts with all the different types. I'm hoping I'll be able to get a lot of inspiration from it as well as some help with the different techniques. It also has full size stitch patterns, which is what I've especially been looking for so I can decide what exactly to use on my "Charm School" quilt. Now comes the fun part of waiting for Mr. Mailman

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