Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The "I need" Bandwagon

I'm Jumping on. Here goes...

Carly needs:
to get a grip on herself and stop acting like a maniac with everyone else.
to quit screwing up her life.
to be locked up and the key thrown away!
a new man.
to be with a goody two shoes like Molly is.
a gal pal like Lucy had.
to look like she could hold her own.
a place to stay.
your help!
a friend.

So apparently there is some Soap Character with my name! How fun. To join the fun, google "(your name) needs" and see all the crazy stuff that comes up.

In knitting/crafting news, made a little progress on the circular shrug and my neckwarmer while babysitting for my cousins. I'm still feeling sick, and will probably need to go to the doctor tonight to get some meds or my lymph nodes are never going to return to their normal size. Tonight, will be making spooky tombstones out of foam for the halloween party. The rest of this week will be devoted to getting my pirate costume finished, carving pumpkins, and cleaning the house. So knitting might be on hold for just a bit. At least until Halloween stuff gets taken care of. Oh, and Julsey and I are going to start working on the Green Phildar Sweater toghether! I can't wait! My first *real* sweater!

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Julsey said...

Yay Phildar sweater! My yarn came in yesterday!!!!!