Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sweater Obsessed

Ok, so now that I've finished a sweater (well a mini one) it's all I want to do now! Here's a picture of the finished minisweater from Glampyre. Again it didn't turn out exactly as I was hoping, but I still like it, and I wore it last night to Institute!

So now I've started on the Blackberry. I've frogged at least three times now, but I think I've finally figured out what I'm doing. I changed the yarn I'm using to a worsted weight on size 10.5 US needles because I want it to be more of a snug shrug. I'm doing the size small (which when done with the chunky yarn was HUGE) and I figure if it's a little too small I can block it into a bigger shape or just add more ribbing around the edges, since that's what makes it meet in the front anyway! So here's the progress on that so far, I started with the sleeves this time since I was anxious to do the cables:

I've already got a few projects lined up that I'd love to do, all sweaters of course. The top of the list is this gorgeous open knit scoop neck sweater from Phildar, but the problem is the pattern is in French and mine isn't so great anymore... There are other great patterns in the magazine so I think it might be worth it to buy it if I could decipher how to do it.

It's the one on the left.

I also really want to do this hat and this sweater from Vogue Knitting.

I went to the library yesterday and photocopied a bunch of pages in knitting books of different stitches (who knew there were so many things you could do with k,p, yo, etc.!?) and some patterns. So basically I've been a little obsessed lately, but hey if it keeps me away from the mall I'm all for it!


nush said...

That minisweater is fab! And those patterns are gorgeous. I keep seeing them pop up everywhere...SO lovely!!

(Just a random girl from Craftster...)

Julsey said...

Which Phildar magazine is that pattern from? It's awesome...AND there's a website that sells them in english - here's the page with the Fall '05 books: