Monday, September 19, 2005

I am a knitting machine...

Since I've moved into my new place and gotten a "craft room" I've been one crafty person. The minisweater is off the needles! I'm not 100% happy with it and am still trying to figure out what to wear under it, but I'm glad it's done. It seems to fit a little strangely. The top of the neck is really close and tight, but then the bottom is too loose and gapes in the back. I overlapped the front just a bit to make up for this, but it isn't helping much. The sleves are also quite interesting, maybe my yarn it too thin and it's made it a little too drapey. I finished it before my blind date on Friday night and was going to wear it, but then couldn't figure out what to wear under it. So it's going to be just a bit before I find the right shirt to go under it and can wear it. But maybe sometime this week I'll get some pictures taken.

Blackberry is on the needles, but now I'm thinking of frogging... I have the back done and am going to move onto the sleves next, just for fun. It's going really fast, but it's also getting really thick. This chunky yarn is *really* chunky. It would make a great substitute for a jacket, but I want something soft and moveable, so I might get some thick worsted weight yarn and try that. Or I could do what someone in the KAL did and frog a thrift store sweater. $1.99 for all the yarn for your project is a GREAT deal! Since it's just a brown blob right now I didn't take any pictures, but maybe when I figure out what yarn I want to use I'll do a picture update.

Other crafty plans include cutting out my pirate costume. Horray for Halloween, I'm going to be a purple pirate! I want to have a big Halloween party at my new place this year and am planning on having a rockin' costume. I'm using this Butterick pattern:

I got some really great dark purple fabric for the vest that has gold "embroidery" on it and then some perfectly matching satin for the skirt. I think it will be a fun costume.

I'm also planning on making a duct tape dummy of myself instead of buying an expensive dressform. My sister is going to help tape me up this weekend while her husband is at the football game. 3 hours in a tight duct tape dress is going to be exciting... but it will definitely be worth it since it will help so much in fitting. Maybe I can even fix my Jane Austen dress! I think it will be really helpful to have a dummy of myself. There are some great tutorials on this site, with a few different ways to do it.

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