Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's been a while

So I've been bad lately about updating this but I've been super busy, so I'm sure you'll fogive me! My little brother and my Dad were in town this last week on their way up to Rexburg ID to start Michael in school. We did a lot of fun things, including catching a Stingers Baseball game, thanks to Grandpa W.

Lizzie and Stuart
Stuart, Lizzie and
Michael watching the game.
Action Shot
Here's a great action shot my camera got. Unfotunately I think he was striking out there. I wasn't paying too much attention...
It was a really nice night and we had fun. We went to Sonic after and got some treats.

Here's a not so good picture of the last project I finished for Letterpress.
Kirk of Nirk
It's called "The Great Ship Ostero". My teacher liked it. It was fun becuase I had my co-worker Russ help me write it. We just made up a bunch of words to tell a story to go along with the picture. The class is going great, I'm almost done with my thrid project and I have a very clear idea of what I'm doing for my final but it's going to be a secret. :)

This is what I walk past everyday on my way to work. It's a gorgeous day today and it's supposed to be 92 tomorrow!! Wow, I haven't been in that kind of heat for a long time.
Salt Lake Temple

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