Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Starting Over Sucks...

So I was working on the brown shoulder shrug I started last week (see pic from pattern below), but I just wasn't happy with it. I was almost half way done, but I ripped it out and started over. I'm happier about how it's looking but not about all the time I wasted. The pattern is in garter stitch, it was originally for Lion Brand Fancy Fur yarn which wouldn't show, but I don't paticularly like wearing fuzzy things, so I am using a worsted weight brown wool and changed the pattern so that I purl every odd row, instead of knit as the pattern calls for. It looks a lot better now and I should be done pretty quickly (considering the amount of time I spend watching Felicity each night). I hope it looks cute when it's done. I'm still not sure what I'm going to be able to wear a brown shoulder shrug over but I think it will be a good "sweater" for summer.


Speaking of summer, I was cruely tricked by the weather this weekend. It was beautiful, warm and sunny all weekend and then today I wake up and there are about 6 inches of snow covering everything including my car! It's the end of March people... what's up with THAT? Hopefully it will melt very soon and we can get back to it being Spring!

Brown Shoulder Shrug - see above
Green Scarf - done and I guess it's not too late
Started another iPod cover - I'm trying to perfect the pattern. Maybe I'll put it up when I do!
Finished sewing Springback text block
Planning accordian book in japanese chitsu box
Starting sewing for roundspine text block (raised cords)

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