Friday, March 25, 2005

Mini Me

Pink Mini iPod
I'm having too much fun with my new Mac Mini and iPod Mini. All I need to complete the collection is the Mini Cooper I've been coveting! People are going to have to start calling me the Mini Queen! The only thing is, I'm finding I want to keep buying more and more accessoires to go with my fun little new toys. Like yesterday, I bought an all in one Printer-Scanner-Copier by HP from Wal-Mart (I got a great deal, by the way, check it out here). But when I got it home to hook it up I found out it didn't come with a USB cable. What printer doesn't come with a USB cable? I guess one's you get great deals on. I think I also need to get a USB hub since the Mini Mac only has two and one is already being used for keyboard and mouse. I'm also planning on knitting a cute little iPod cover, so I want to go find some funky matching yarn. It will still be cheaper than buying one from the store that's just like everybody else. So I have plenty to keep me occupied this weekend. I don't even have half my music collection on my computer yet and I'm going to start scanning all my photos and stuff when I get my printer hooked up. That's another thing I need, well, it's the next thing on my purchase list: a Digital Camera. Any suggestions on a good but cheap one?

Here's the Mac Mini. Isn't it cute?
Mac Mini

This is some yarn I found online,
I think I want to use something like this:
Pink Yarn

Other Projects
Started a brown wool Shoulder Shrug
Finishing Green Ribbed Scarf (kinda late now)
Tons of other unfinished projects
Starting the sewing for the Springback book
Start sewing 2nd round spine
I'll upload some photos soon.

And have a HAPPY EASTER!

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